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Hello, I’m

Trenton P

Solo-artist and underground Hip-Hop/Rap sensation Trenton P has dedicated his entire life to the mic.  After spending his teenage years growing up on stage, pushing himself creatively and refining his talent in front of live audiences – the continued support and love for his music inspired the young emcee to expand his skillset, follow the enthusiasm and turn his dreams into a lifelong and viable career.

Armed with his precision-flow and intensely stylistic & signature delivery, Trenton P started recording by the age of twenty and within a year already scored his first chart-topping singles with “I’ll Be The Best” and “Can You Hear Me Now?” erupting from stereo-systems and online music hotspots in 2012.  Following his first taste of success with another right around the corner – Trenton P went on to firmly establish his place in the Rap/Hip-Hop after dropping his second project Remember The Name.  Displaying the grit, instincts and confidence required to make a memorable impact on the people, Remember The Name received a massive amount of publicity and critical-acclaim; supporting the material with a ton of videos that took his music viral online around the world – Trenton P was just beginning to stake his claim and truly make his mark.

Confirmation of Trenton P’s acceptance was already showing itself through tens of thousands of hits on his posted videos and hundreds of thousands more hits on his music online – but it was the insane buzz and fever-pitch excitement surrounding his third record SO ILL that established his presence for good.  Pre-orders for the new album shot through the roof and expectations were higher than ever before – and not only did Trenton P rise to the challenge, he flourished.  SO ILL went on to seriously impress fans & critics alike and solidified his reputation of bringing his absolute best to the mic each and every time.

The best was still yet to come.  In late March of 2017, the pride of St. Louis released his career-defining record, the highly-anticipated Blacklist, savagely stocked with Trenton P’s most personal material to-date.  Spending the time necessary to get each moment to its maximum potential, innovating his own style and challenging himself to create exciting, unique and hard-hitting rhymes that are introspective, thought-provoking and relatable to all – Blacklist is as self-reflective as it is entirely groundbreaking and another confident step forward for Trenton P’s career.  Full of explosive dynamics, wild beats and the inimitable-flow that highlight the multiple reasons that Trenton P continues to be one of the very best wordsmiths in today’s era – Blacklist shines a spotlight on lyricism and proves that this emcee is one that seriously has something to say.  Ready to take his rhymes back to the stage and direct to the people, he’s got big plans to support the new record with an extensive tour scheduled for later this year; Trenton P’s music and career continues to evolve, develop and deliver on every possible level.